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Product Description
 Machine Introduction

The machine is controlled by the PLC, suitable for processing 5-30mm thickness of flat glass and steric pattern. Glass is conveyed by the belts, when glass arrive to the place for sandblasting, the guns which are drive by belt will move up-and-down and spurt out sand. The height and the width of sandblasting can be adjusted according to the requirement. The advantages of the belts are stable transmission, high efficiency and easy maintenance. The drive structure of the sandblasting gun is outside the machine which make benefitd to a long period normal working and daily maintenance. The machine adopts the PLC for controlling, which brings easy operation and exploration the glass position automatically when sandblasting.

 Technical parameters

   1600 mm height (ZXSD16) 2000 mm height(ZXSD20)  2500 mm height(ZXSD25) 
 Height of conveyor  550mm  550mm  550mm
 Height of the processing glass  1500mm  2000mm  2500mm
 speed of sandblasting:  12-15m2/h (when use Green carborundum)  12-15m2/h (when use Green carborundum)  12-15m2/h (when use Green carborundum)
 Compressed air:  0.6~0.8Mpa(5m3/min)  0.6~0.8Mpa(5m3/min)  0.6~0.8Mpa(5m3/min)
 Size  4700 × 1500 × 2300mm  6800 × 1500 × 2800mm  6800 × 1500 × 3300mm
 Total power:  3.5kw  3.5kw  3.5kw

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